• Arvis Tanton

    Arvis Tanton

    Mr. Tanton was appointed Administrator of Carriage House Manor in July 1992 and retired from that position in 2018.  Prior to becoming a nursing home administrator, Mr. Tanton worked for State agencies having regulatory authority over nursing homes.  Early in his career he fell in love with nursing home residents and developed a deep interest in their care.  In October of 2000, Arvis and his wife Sheila purchased Carriage House Manor. Carriage House has grown to be the number one rehab and long term care facility in Sulphur Springs.  In 2012 a dream came true when we opened the cottages.  The Tantons were the first independent owners in Texas to build small home-like nursing and rehab facilities. “We are proud to offer Sulphur Springs such a unique long term care setting,” Mr. Tanton says. “We are grateful for everyone we have had the privilege to care for. Carriage House Manor has been a blessing to our family, and we hope it has been to those who have stayed with us, or may stay with us in the future.”

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