• Dora Saldivar

    Dora Saldivar

    Dora Saldivar joined the Carriage House family in 2009 following her move from North Carolina to Sulphur Springs. Her family of five has now made Sulphur Springs their home. Dora’s conscientious and thorough work helped her advance from a laundry employee at Carriage House to Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor in 2013. Dora is particular in cleaning her own house so she is driven to provide the same cleanliness for our residents in their home. She said, “The residents make me laugh a lot and help me forget my troubles every day. It’s a joy to work with them.” When Dora first started working here, she could not speak English. However, she was determined to interact with the residents and learned English to do so. We believe that is a testament to her caring heart.

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